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Bullet Shape Ice Cube – BVM-130 : 60Kg

Bullet Shape Ice Cube – BVM-130 : 60Kg

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Introducing the all new BVM-130 Bullet Shape Ice Cube MakerThis machine also falls in our moderately sized machine range and is perfect when your demand is not too high and not too low. The size of the machine and the batches it produces are just perfect for all your needs and requirements. 

Introducing the BVM-130 Bullet Shape Ice Cube Maker, producing 60kg/day with 50 ice cubes/batch. Compact design, low power consumption (0.37 KW) for efficient, reliable operation.

Production 60Kgs/Day
Storage 25 Kg
KW 0.37 KW
H815 x W600 x D600 (mm)


Introducing the BVM-130 Bullet Shape Ice Cube Maker, designed to cater to your ice production needs efficiently and effectively. With a production capacity of 60 kilograms per day, this machine ensures a steady supply of high-quality ice cubes to meet your demands.

Each batch churns out 50 perfectly formed bullet-shaped ice cubes, ensuring consistency and reliability in every cycle. The compact design of the BVM-130 allows it to fit seamlessly into your space, with dimensions measuring 815mm in height, 600mm in width, and 600mm in depth.

Equipped with a storage capacity of 25 kilograms, this ice maker ensures that you always have a reserve supply on hand, ready to meet sudden spikes in demand or serve as backup during peak hours. The low power consumption of just 0.37 KW translates to economical operation, minimizing energy costs while maximizing productivity.

With an average daily power consumption of 5.30 units, the BVM-130 offers both efficiency and reliability, making it a valuable asset for businesses seeking to streamline their ice production processes. Whether for use in restaurants, bars, cafes, or other commercial establishments, this ice maker delivers consistent performance, ensuring a steady supply of ice cubes to keep your operations running smoothly.

Our most popular Bullet Ice made with Patented Centrifugal Technology, ideal for upscale hotels, bars, restaurants, and packaged ice needs.  

This ice shape not only adds a touch of sophistication but also rapidly cools your beverages for an unparalleled drinking experience until the last sip. 

Discover the exclusive ice machine that innovatively crafts crystal-clear individual bullet ice and crushed ice simultaneously. With a convenient selection lever, users have the power to opt for bullet ice or crushed ice—or utilize our unique partitioned ice bin to enjoy both cube varieties together. A must-have for specialty hotels and bars seeking versatility in ice options. 




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Patented Vertical Evaporator system, a global innovation crafting versatile, crystal-clear bullet ice effortlessly. This pioneering system requires no gear motors, paddles, or moving parts, ensuring unparalleled ease of maintenance and versatility.

First in India to launch a Touch Screen Display in an Ice maker, allowing users to effortlessly adjust ice cube size and weight at the touch of a button. The intuitive Touch Panel provides real-time insights into the machine’s status, displaying the current cycle, ice-making duration, evaporator temperature, storage capacity indications like bin full, lack of water, and many more such convenient and safety features.

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