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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Ice-boy! These terms and conditions (“Terms”) are an essential part of all sales contracts (“Contracts”) for Machinery, Spare Parts, and Accessories (“Products”) entered into between Ice-boy and any Purchaser, collectively referred to as the Parties.

General Terms and Definitions

  1. Conclusion of the Contract: The Contract is considered finalized upon the Purchaser’s receipt of the written order confirmation from Ice-boy. Any discrepancies between the order and the confirmation will be addressed within one working day by Ice-boy.
  2. Catalogues and Descriptive Documents: Information provided in Ice-boy’s documents, such as catalogues, regarding weights, dimensions, prices, etc., are for reference only and not binding unless explicitly stated otherwise in the order confirmation.
  3. Type of Delivery and Transfer of Risk: Delivery terms and risk transfer are outlined in offers and order confirmations from Ice-boy. The Purchaser remains responsible for payment even in case of loss post-risk transfer.
  4. Delivery/Collection: Ice-boy will promptly notify the Purchaser of any delivery delays and cannot be held liable for damages due to early or late delivery. Force majeure events may extend delivery times.
  5. Payments: Payment terms are as per Ice-boy’s instructions in the order confirmation. Delayed payments may result in suspension of deliveries or termination of contracts.
  6. Legal Default Interests: In case of delayed payments, Ice-boy is entitled to legal default interests without prior notice.
  7. Warranty: Ice-boy guarantees Products’ performance only for intended uses and applications. Warranty duration and coverage are specified based on the type of Product.
  8. Procedure for Reporting Product Faults and/or Defects: The Purchaser must report any defects within eight days of discovery to be eligible for warranty claims.
  9. Exemption of Liability: Ice-boy is not liable for indirect damages or defects arising from modifications made by the Purchaser or third parties.
  10. Installation and Assistance – Responsibilities of the Purchaser: Installation is the Purchaser’s responsibility and must be done by authorized technicians. Ice-boy is not liable for damages due to improper installation or water quality issues.
  11. Availability of Spare Parts and Accessories: Ice-boy ensures reasonable availability of Spare Parts and Accessories.
  12. Marketing Materials for Advertising Purposes: The Purchaser must adhere to Ice-boy’s style guide for marketing activities. Ice-boy provides marketing content upon request, and costs are borne by the Purchaser.
  13. Protection of Personal Data: Personal data exchanged during the contract execution is processed according to applicable laws and for contract-related purposes only.

We at Ice-boy strive to ensure transparency and fairness in all our transactions. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these Terms, please feel free to contact us.