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Dice Shape Ice Cube Machine – SQ-90 : 40Kg

Dice Shape Ice Cube Machine – SQ-90 : 40Kg

Introducing the all new SQ-90 Dice Shape Ice Cube Maker. Meet your ideal match if you want something that is compact yet gives you the perfect amount of crystal-clear ice. The size of the ice is also smaller, but it surely packs a mighty cold punch!

Production 40 Kgs/Day
Storage 18 Kg
Power (W) 230
Voltage(V/Hz) 230V/50Hz
Dimensions 430x548x750mm


Presenting the SQ-90 Dice Shape Ice Cube Maker, the ideal choice for ice manufacturing that is both portable and effective. This stylish device is made to satisfy your craving for crystal-clear ice by providing a smaller ice size that nevertheless packs a very chilly punch. With an 18 kg storage capacity and a 40 kg daily production capability, the SQ-90 guarantees that you’ll always have the ideal amount of ice on hand. With 230 watts of power and 230V/50Hz of operation, this ice cube maker is efficient and powerful. With its small size of 430 x 548 x 750 mm, it fits perfectly in any location, be it personal or business. With its elegant style, power, and efficiency all combined, the SQ-90 Dice Shape Ice Cube Maker is the perfect addition.


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First in India to launch a Touch Screen Display in an Ice maker, allowing users to effortlessly adjust ice cube size and weight at the touch of a button. The intuitive Touch Panel provides real-time insights into the machine’s status, displaying the current cycle, ice-making duration, evaporator temperature, storage capacity indications like bin full, lack of water, and many more such convenient and safety features.

Introducing the timeless six-sided ice cube: an iconic solution designed for swift cooling. Its extended surface area optimizes heat exchange, ensuring quick chilling. Ideal for Quick Service Restaurants, cafes, banquet venues, catering services, industries, and more.

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